Do I Need To Prime Garage Door Before Painting

If your walls are perfectly clean and in good condition, you might be able to eliminate the need for primer. One way to clean walls before painting is to create a thin mixture of tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) and water and wipe down the walls with a soft cloth. If you choose not to use TSP, attach a clean brush attachment to the end of a shop vacuum and clean off major debris like cobwebs and dust.

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A good paint job can check that progress – but only if the paint can overcome the imperfections that already exist in the surface and really stick to it. A primer is designed to do just that. A good primer will be engineered to stick to the surface and hide whatever is on it – and that goal will be prioritized over anything else.

In many cases all you’ll need to do is spot-prime any bare areas that need to be addressed before applying your finish. If you’re coating over any surfaces that have never been painted before, just follow the guide above to find the proper category of primer for your project and you can’t go wrong.

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If the garage door is wood, you’ll want to apply a primer-after sanding, of course-and then paint. When it comes to wood, you can be a bit choosier with the kind of paint that you use. Be sure that it’s at least tailored for outdoor use. Preparations. Before you can start painting, there are a few things you’ll need to do.

It has been my experience that new doors need to be primed with a universal quick drying oil base primer before painting, such as Zinnser Cover Stain. This is especially true for the wood frame. previously painted doors and frames need to be primed only if the type of finish paint is a different type or if the previous finish is in bad shape.

Before painting a garage door you should remove any existing loose paint with a wire brush and get rid of any rust with a paint scraper. You can use a chemical stripper and a sanding sponge to remove all of the old paint or use a palm or circular sander.

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