Do You Need Special Light Bulbs For Garage Door Openers

Incandescent light bulbs can use a significant amount of energy compared to LED bulbs, and switching your garage door opener lights will make your home more energy efficient overall. Genie’s LED bulb will operate for an estimated 25,000 hours, only cost about $1.07/year depending on local utilities, and supply a generous 800 lumens of light.

Do You Need Increased Security? Many garage door opener models also come with a host of additional security features that are designed to help homeowners keep their garage safe and secure. All genie garage door openers have the Safe-T-Beam Non-Contact Reversing System, Intellicode Security, and emergency release cords.

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Garage doors are one of the least hospitable places for a light bulb to call home. Between the rough vibrations each time the door is opened, to the constant switching on and off, it’s no wonder garage door opener bulbs burn out so often.

I had installed 75w equivalent led light bulbs in my three garage door opener and they interfered with my openers opening my doors..I am very happy with these bulbs and highly recommend they for any body to use in their garage door openers.

Installing one of these in your own garage can be done quite easily and with basic tools. One of the draws about this type of garage door opener is the ease of which you can keep it maintained. A common piece of maintenance associated with the screw drive garage door opener is the need to replace the light bulb.

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We often have customers call in and ask us if it is okay to replace their garage door opener bulb with an energy efficient light bulb. The answer is Yes and No. it depends on your opener. Although this may be good practice for your house lamps it’s not a good idea for all garage door openers.

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I need more light in my garage, how do I get a garage opener with more light bulbs? Some of our openers offer two light bulb sockets and some offer only one. If you’re wanting more light in the garage then you should choose one with two light bulb sockets. Here’s a list of our garage doors that allow you to add two light bulbs. Destiny® 1500

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