How Do You Replace A Garage Door Torsion Spring

Most commonly if you have a single car 9×7 garage door these will only have one torsion spring. We recommend any door that weighs over 150lbs to have a pair of springs. There is a line where it is actually beneficial to have a heavy gauge spring on the door than two smaller gauge springs because the bigger spring actually has a higher cycle life.

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Buying garage door torsion springs at american garage door supply, we can help make overhead garage door repairs even easier with our full line of torsion springs. We have in-stock, standard or high-cycle, precision manufactured garage door torsion springs in a multitude of sizes and materials types for anyone looking to repair/replace their.

But we’ll show you garage door spring replacement on the more common torsion springs, the kind that mount on a bar above the garage door. Depending on where you live, doing this garage door spring replacement job yourself might save you $200 or more. Then again, it might save you less than $50. So before you spend several hours fixing your.

Where can we find replacement tracks? – Middletown A. Blaine Window Hardware in Hagerstown, Md., (www.blaine; 301-797-6500) carries replacement parts, including jamb liners and springs.

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The most common one is to measure your existing garage door springs. Wire diameter (wire thickness in thousands of an inch- using a 20 and 40 coil count measurement) Inside diameter or ID of the spring (stamped on the aluminum cones of the spring) Length of the spring (wire tip to wire tip, do not include aluminum cones in the end)

In order to replace your garage door spring(s), you will need to find the current measurements in order to accurately replace the spring(s). This should take about 3 minutes and you don’t need to remove the springs or loosen the tension to measure them.

Extension springs and torsion springs are the two kinds of garage door springs you’ll find in garage doors. torsion springs turn as you open and close your garage door. Extension springs do as their name suggests. They extend as your door moves, and helps to balance your garage door. Springs in general last about 10-14 years or 15-20 thousand.

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