How Fangerous Is It To Replace Garage Door Spring

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Replacing the garage door spring is an easy process but a dangerous one. That’s why the whole spring tasks should be left to technicians. Here are the dangers of DIY garage door spring replacement. Threat to your life. garage door springs pose an eminent threat to life as their injuries are normally fatal in nature.

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How to Replace Garage door extension springs. caution: extension springs can be very dangerous. Replacing the pulleys must be done with the garage door open. carefully follow all of the safety instructions in this tutorial. Always stay out of the path of extension springs when the garage door is operating or when the door is closed, assuming.

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Garage door springs can last anywhere between five to seven years with average garage door use, so they do not need to be replaced often. But when it is time to replace springs, it is important to call a professional technician who has the tools and the skills to accomplish the task without causing damage to property or people.

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A garage door with aging springs puts an enormous load on a garage door opener, so another sign of failing springs is when you hear the electric door opener begin to strain as it attempts to lift the door. At this point, it is time to consider replacing the springs.

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 · Your decision on whether to try and replace a broken spring may depend on what type of springs you have. Garage door springs come in two main types: extension and torsion. Identifying which type you have is easy. If your door system has a long, skinny spring running parallel to each horizontal door track, then you have extension springs.

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