How Hard Is It To Break Into A Garage Door

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As a home owner you must know that a thief or criminal can open a closed roll up garage door in seconds, with just a small block of wood and a coat hanger. The reason behind the thieves break the garage doors is that many doors aren’t built solid or have a deadbolt.

In the last post, we talked about several ways to prevent a burglar from breaking into your house.Today, we’ll get more specific and narrow in on how to prevent a garage door break in. Several things can be done to make your garage more secure so it’s much more difficult for a burglar to break in.

While an automatic door will stop closing, and open instead if something is blocking its path, this means someone can put something in the path of the door and keep it from closing, which will make it easy for them to enter your home. Finally, manual garage doors require key entry, which makes them difficult to break into.

An unbalanced door can make the door difficult to raise manually and can cause damage to other components in the garage door system. If the spring is to small the door will be difficult to open, if the spring is to large the door will be difficult to close. A perfectly balanced door, with the proper sized spring(s), will be very easy to open.

breaking into garage by pulling door release There have been a lot of talk about this in my area. Seems they jam a piece of wood in the top of your garage door, fish in a hook. grab the door.

How Do You Break Into A Garage Door While the preference of most people relating to opening a storage door is to easily press a button and have it magically open, that’s typically not doable because of an influence outage, a battery drawback with the garage door opener or the motor burning out.

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