How Many Turns On A 8 Ft Garage Door Spring

How many turns are required on a torsion spring for a Garador 7ft garage door? It is a single torsion spring which is approx 1650mm long. I now know how to set it up – I just need to know the correct number of turns.

One can overwind the springs slightly, up to about 8 turns on a standard residential door (that is, 1/2 or 3/4 extra turns), to compensate for undersized or fatigued springs, or increased door weight from painting or humidity, but this results in more stress on the springs and therefore decreased lifetime.

Received all items as indicated, I would recommend purchasing a metal center bearing also, other Than the plastic that this comes with. Install was easy and strait forward. hardest part was finding how many turns to tighten those springs?? I used a general rule of thumb of a full turn for every ft. Of door. 4 quarter turns equals 1 full turn.

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The formula for determining the number of turns on these springs is based on door height and drum number. High lift doors rise vertically – some times a distance as short as a foot or more, sometimes more than half the door height – and then the door rides in the horizontal tracks.

 · Wire size is the most important, since it determines the strength of your spring needed based on the weight and dimensions of your garage door. Please follow these instructions closely before.

How many turns should I wind my Torsion spring?. you can give us this information to produce a replacement spring quickly. Number of turns needed to wind a Torsion spring. Need help? To help you make an "enlightened" choice when purchasing your new garage door, contact us! What’s more, we.

Torsion Spring Assembly IMPORTANT: RIGHT AND LEFT HAND IS ALWAYS DETERMINED FROM INSIDE THE GARAGE LOOKING OUT. NOTE: Identify the springs provided as either right hand wound (red winding cone), which goes on the LEFT HAND SIDE or left hand wound (black winding cone), which goes on the RIGHT HAND SIDE. Facing the inside of the door, lay the

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