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Do chain garage door Openers Last Longer Then Belt Belt and chain garage door openers are similar, except for what's known as the drive system.. The more you spend, the more rugged and powerful the opener will be.. Faster – A belt opener slides up and down faster than a chain opener.

How much do garage doors cost?. Buying a garage door opener is a separate purchase and is not included in the price of a new garage door.

How much does a garage door cost to install? Many. They include the type of door, its size, door openers, your budget, and your contractor.

How much does it cost to install a garage door? The cost of a garage door opener will depend on the horsepower, the brand and if you choose a professional to install it. A chain-driven opener can cost $150 to $350, while a belt-driven opener can cost $200 to $300. A screw-driven opener can cost.

I need a replacement 2 car steel garage door, and need to know the cost of the. Note if you need a new or heavier duty opener you are talking. due to labor costs, and insurance and taxes, some areas are much cheaper to.

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My garage door opener is Original Equipment , over 30 year old. My garage door is a single car door. The estimate was Door opener-$500.00 , $700 with emergency battery. Spring, pulley’s, (old style, "not very good") $750.00 New torsion spring as an alternative to the old spring -$1300.00 The warranty on the door opener requires springs, pulleys in very good condition.

Regardless, the cost to buy an automatic garage door opener can range from $150 to $300 plus the cost of installation, which can also range from.

You can expect to pay extra if more services are needed, such as an electrician. Angie’s List members who had garage doors installed in 2013 reported paying an average of $1,540, with a general range of $1,395 to $1,680. This price does not reflect discounts that.

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Because garage door springs and openers can degrade over time, can help prevent air intrusion into the home and lower overall heating and cooling costs.

Plus the hundred to three for the opener and any remotes/keypad, emergency reverser if not equipped with one now, etc. Garage Doors is.

Depends on your door – Garage Doors is your Search the List category. If a properly spring-balanced door (so opens easily with only a few pounds lift) typically about $350-600 minus installed. If needs to have balancing springs added could be another couple hundred dollars typically.

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