How To Determine Garage Door Torsion Spring Wind

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To get the correct length for a torsion spring under tension subtract one coil for each foot of height of your garage door then measure the remaining coils. Do not include cones in the measurement. 4. Wind of Torsion Spring. If the garage door has two springs, we highly recommend replacing both at once.

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Examine the drawing to the right. Notice that when the end of the coil is on the bottom, it points to the left. The spring on the left in the drawing is left wind. This is one way to identify the wind. Another way to determine spring wind is to make a fist as shown to the left.

How to Determine Garage Door Spring Wind Direction (Left/Right Wound) Usually, you will have two springs on your door. Garage Door springs are under extreme stress and I highly recommend having a professional come out to uninstall them if you are not familiar with them. Most of the time the end on the right hand wind is red and the left and wind is black.

As with a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission, the driver alone can determine. springs is used to guide the wheels. To reduce the weight, Porsche uses lightweight springs on the Porsche 911.

 · On the contrary, it is very simple to determine the winding type of a garage door spring. The right hand winding springs are wound in a clockwise direction. Thus, they have their end of wire on the right side. On the other hand, a left hand winding spring is wound in an anti-clockwise direction, and has its end of wire on the left side.

If you are adding torsion springs to your garage new, you should contact a local installer or dealer for parts. Our site is tailored to replacement garage door springs and can’t offer you a way to determine correct size without existing springs. Torsion spring FAQS. Select the spring diameter needed below to order

Before we get into the color coding you’ll find on garage door springs let’s look a bit closer at the springs themselves. There are 2 types of springs used on garage doors. Torsion springs and extension springs. Here’s the difference: torsion springs store energy by coiling tightly as the door as the door closes.

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